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Where is Cotter Travel? Well, here is their story.

In 1985 Bob Cotter set out on a new adventure opening his own company, and Cotter Travel was born. Starting from scratch he grew it into the largest Travel Agency in the St. Joseph region. While this was no easy task, Bob was never short of hard work and determination. A stickler for professionalism, he and his agents dressed the part every day, including suits for the men and dresses for the ladies. Bob knew one thing for sure, if you looked like a professional and acted like a professional, you were treated like a professional.

Bob started training his son Chad in the industry at a young age, and when he was still in high school, Chad became a travel agent just like his dad. Sadly, Bob is no longer with us, having passed away in 2011. Although Bob is gone, he instilled in Chad a work ethic and a sense of professionalism that has continued for over 25 years.

In 2011 Chad and the Cotter Travel family joined Aura Travel (formerly Totally Trips). Chad has continued to be a top salesman and just like his dad, is not afraid of hard work.

While we may not wear suits anymore, we still carry on with the same professional culture started by Bob Cotter in 1985. We strive to continue the traditions set in place by Cotter Travel for many years to come.

Thank you, Bob, for stepping out in a new adventure over 35 years ago, and thank you Chad for being just like your dad.

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