Welcome to Aura Travel! Now, I know what you’re thinking, why have I never heard of this place before? Well, actually you have, Totally Trips is now Aura Travel! I know, I know, why the change? After years in the travel industry, countless award won, a name that everyone knows and recognizes, why would we want to change our name? The answer is quite simple really, we want to be better.

We have been Totally Trips since 2006, and while that name has served us well, we are never ones to stop improving., The Cruise Source, Kingdom Trips, and Tropical Sun Trips just to name a few, have been some building blocks to get us here.  Cotter Travel became a part of our family in 2011 and has been a staple in the Totally Trips brand ever since, and it has been great, but we wanted better. In 2021 we acquired Five Star Travel and Cruises and it too has been great, but we still wanted to be better.

So now, Aura Travel has been born. No longer are we three offices under three different names, we are One name with Three locations! We still have the same knowledge, the same work ethic and the same great staff we have always had, only now, we are better.

With the launch of this new website, we want you to know a destination before you go, and learn things about destinations you never knew existed! Why? We want your experience to be better! Feel free to look through our site and see what we’ve been up to. When your ready, click the “plan a trip button” fill out some info and one of our agents will contact you. If you prefer, give us a call at anyone of our numbers, or just simply stop in and speak to one of our travel advisors!

Hey, where’s the book now button? Yeah, we know you would catch that. Your time and your vacation are precious, if we learned anything during the pandemic, its this. Your vacation is worth much more than an online transaction. Let one of our team members work with you to plan the greatest experience possible. Sales are great, when you’re buying jeans, but we want your trip, to be better.

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Let one our travel experts work with you to find the perfect  destination. With years of experience in travel we have been to multiple destinations across the globe.  Relax, we got this.

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