Let’s go to the Dominican Republic!

Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean? If not, I’m going to tell you why you should travel to the DR for your next trip!

Flying In

This was definitely something different. Unlike other airports, the Dominican Republic’s airport does not have any jetways when you land in. You actually land and deplane on the tarmac. They have portable ladders that unload the people off the plane. I personally deplaned from the back of the jet and walked down a ladder. It was so cool! I felt like the president of the United States coming off of air fore one like I was somebody important. It was quite the experience and I’ll never forget that feeling. It was a total Caribbean vibe, I thought it was amazing!

Let’s talk about the Beaches!

Are you one to lounge in the sun all day and be a beach bum? If so then this is the place for you! The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, Bavaro Beach was named one of them in 2018. With it’s breathtaking blue and turqouis waters, it’s hard to resist! You have the option to dwell on a beach with amazing views and relaxing sounds of the waves as you kick back and read a book. You might even see some exotic animals too! Or you can set sail on a catamaran cruise, enjoy the sunset, and party it up like a local. I promise you won’t want to leave!          

Looking for Adventure?

The beach isn’t all the Dominican Republic has to offer! How about snorkeling with sharks and sting rays? Yes, you can do this too! Snorkeling in the crystal clear turquois waters to explore the beautiful marine life of the ocean. There are schools of colorful fish and an abundant of coral. Experience stingrays and nurse sharks in their natural habitat or get up close and personal with them. You might find yourself holding a stingray if your brave enough! It’s definitely and exhilarating experience that you should try at least once in your life. You won’t regret it!


Do you love food as much as I do? The Dominican Republic has endless options for you when it comes to eating. Whether you like seafood, meat, vegan, or gluten-free, they have it all! Don’t forget to grab yourself a cold presidente to pair with your dinner if you like beer. Prefer something with a little more kick? They say you haven’t been to the DR if you haven’t tried mamajuana which is their local rum, it’s exclusive only in the Dominican! There is something for everyone with plenty of variety. Be sure to visit the Margaritaville Island Reserve Resort in Cap Cana for the famous floating tacos. Leave room for dessert, it’s the best part!

Want to learn to make your own Drinks?

Take a mixology class while you’re here. You can learn to make your own margarita Dominican style! You’ll learn the basics to make a few drinks and it’s easier than you think. It’s even easier to drink them, and boy they were delicious! I never knew that even I could mix up a tasty drink. You’ll definitely have fun doing this, I know I did.

Ahh, Finished Product!

Pack your bags!

Now that I’ve told you all about the Dominican Republic, are you ready to go? I know we’re ready to send you there so give us a call. We’ll get you booked and, on that plane, headed to the DR!

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